Big Data on Cloud

Huge amount of resources are required for analyzing huge amount of data and upfront Capital expenditure for such resources is often a major deterrent for such important initiatives. Cloud is Big Data’s best friend for its ability to provisions resources only when required.

Kick start your Big Data journey for your business use-case be it Faster Business Decisions, Aggregated Intelligence, Improved Customer Service, Managing Security Risks or Operational Predictability.

Pick your Use Case & we will help you with a solution using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Components like Amazon Kinesis, Amazon ElasticMap Reduce (EMR), Amazon Amazon Data Pipeline, AWS DynamoDB, AWS Redshift, AWS Reddis and Microsoft Azure Components like HDInsight, Machine Learning, Stream analytics, Data Factory, Event Hubs, and SQL Data Warehouse & Data Catalogs

Our Cloud Certified Solution Architects will work with you to understand your Use Case and Design Secure, Fault Tolerant and Highly Scalable Big Data Solution.

Our team is equipped to work with Big Data technologies like map R, Hadoop, Cassandra, Spark, Apache Solr and AWS CloudSearch.


Find out more about building a cloud-based data analytics engine and how to adopt tools such Amazon Redshift, Kinesis, DynamoDB in our upcoming Webinar.





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