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During the development of clomid buy online a positive trace potential tissue excitability is reduced - the phase of subnormal excitability (secondary refractory). In this phase of the membrane potential increases (state membrane hyperpolarization), away from the critical level of depolarization, the threshold of stimulation is increased and a new excitation can occur only when the stimulus subthreshold value. Refractory membrane is due to the fact that the sodium channel consists of the channel (transport part) and gating mechanism, which is controlled by the electric field of the membrane. In the channel suggest the presence of two types of "gates" - fast activation (m) and slow inaktivatsionnyh (A). "Gates" can be fully opened or closed, for example, the sodium channel at rest "gate" t closed and "gates» h - open. When reducing the charge of the membrane (depolarization) at the initial moment of "gates" t and h are open - the channel is accutane buy capable of conducting ions. Through open channels of ions move on the concentration and electrochemical gradient. Then inaktivatsionnye "gates" are closed, ie. E. Channel inactivated. As the recovery of MP inaktivatsionnye "gate" opens slowly and activation quickly closed and the channel is returned to its original state. Hyperpolarization of the membrane may be due to three reasons: first, the continued exit of potassium ions; Secondly, the opening of channels for the receipt of the chlorine ions in the cell; Third, strengthen the work of the sodium-potassium pump. Laws of stimulation of excitable tissues


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