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Customer Profile

Part of one of the largest branded Jewelry retailers, Jewelsouk is an eminent online Jewelry marketplace launched by Gitanjali Group. With a virtual ambiance of dazzles and grace, Jewelsouk offers its customers endless choices across a wide range of categories. Jewelsouk also provides a platform for art of pearls jewels, watches, and artifacts; gold coins with exclusive imprints and gift vouchers too. Jewelsouk is focused on achieving excellence in all facets of design, craftsmanship & service.


The Challenge    

Jewelsouk was availing AWS services by deploying its website on AWS. However, they were facing serious issues in scaling to manage peak loads during festive seasons. Due to which, their website crashed under unprecedented traffic; thereby affecting the bottom line.

The Solution      

To close these gaps, BlazeClan conducted an extensive infrastructure evaluation spanning over a period of two weeks to identify and understand the challenge at hand. Listed below are the findings of the evaluation:

  • The infrastructure required re-provisioning to match the demand of the incoming traffic.
  • Auto-scaling feature had to be included in the infrastructure
  • Data security was not defined.
  • Data management did not include back-ups and clean-ups.

BlazeClan formulated an approach involving restructuring the infrastructure so as to give Jewelsouk a website with high availability and better performance.


Infrastructural Restructuring:

The existing servers were insufficient to handle the incoming traffic, hence they were upgraded to a larger size instance. The Provision was made for the instances to scale horizontally at the time of peak traffic. The infrastructure was optimized by identifying idle resources and deleting them and automating back-ups & clean-ups.

User Management:

The security measures were strengthened by replacing all resource keys and removing unwanted ports. Permissions and policies were reset to grant only the required accesses to the users.

Managed Services:

We support Jewelsouk website and manage more than 10 servers for them on an ongoing basis.


The Benefits      

  1. Better availability: By engaging with BlazeClan, Jewelsouk now has a fully scalable and highly flexible website. As a result, their peak load was increased from 90-100 users to million hits during peak times.
  2. Increased Revenue: With increased traffic, Jewelsouk could increase their sales and in-turn increase their profits.


Tech Stack

  1.  CloudWatch
  2. Cloud front
  3. EC2
  4. ELB
  5. IAM
  6. S3


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