About Blazeclan

Dynamic is better

Our Story

Recognized as an AWSome start-up to work for; our aim is to bring the power of the cloud to organizations for accelerating their time to value and achieve significant business impact.

Our Mission

We are on a revolutionary path of leading excellence on cloud; by offering robust yet dynamic cloud technology to leverage our capabilities of providing business flexibility, reduced operational costs, decreased time to market, and the security and scalability of enterprise workloads for our valuable customers.

Our Vision

We envision becoming a global leader in Cloud Consultancy through our invaluable and trustworthy customer service and experience.

Our Goal

As a trusted yet dynamic digital transformation partner – as dynamic as the cloud itself – we will continue to broaden the horizons of the business landscape through innovative and in-depth enterprise disruption.

The ‘Blazeclan Way’ is defined by the following values upon which we base our ideas, solutions, business & people policies.

Customer Obsession

This is the cornerstone of our existence, purpose and practices: we start with the objective of customer success and work backwards to determine our actions.

Insist on Higher Standards

We always strive to raise the bar and drive ourselves to deliver best in class products, services and solutions, enabled by world class processes.

Bias for Action

We choose action over thoughts and words – every time. We promise output and agility to our customers through our business. Even if it means taking calculated risks.

Deliver Results

Desired outcome of high quality with timely delivery is a promise we make to ourselves and our stakeholders always.

Think Big

We want to create, deliver and communicate propositions that are exceptional and will exponentially change the world. We want to make a dent in the universe!


We aim to create a better world through our business and actions, underlined by empathy. We take pride in creating an understanding and dependable environment for all our employees, vendors, clients, partners and communities which we touch, where everyone thrives and grows together.

Disagree & Commit

We encourage healthy disagreements, debates and expression of opinions but always remain committed to work towards a common goal for the best results.

Have Fun

We love what we do and we do great stuff in a good way. That is how we have fun!

Life at Blazeclan

Our culture is reflected in each member of our organization. Life at Blazeclan involves experimentation, passion, enthusiasm, and collaboration among our young and tech-fanatic team. We are confident artists who weave magic with technology, and our thirst for learning enables us to translate our passion in digital transformation for enterprises.

Life at Blazeclan stems from imagination to induce creativity. Thereon, it is our integrity coupled with creativity that helps us push the boundaries of cloud, and thereby accomplish our goals and strategies. Finally, it is our transparency that binds all other principles together to lead excellence in cloud.

Imagination is the number one operating priority

Integrity is the underlining factor in whatever we do and how we accomplish things

Collaborative as a team, we can move mountains

Transparency is our key to success

Our Leadership


Our Customers

Our Partners

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