Amazon Pinpoint

Multichannel Marketing Communication Service

Amazon Pinpoint is a flexible and scalable outbound and inbound marketing communications.

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Integration and Scale

Pinpoint is a global managed service. It has seamless integration with AWS services and with certain tweaks; it can be placed right in the middle of your sales and marketing workflows.

Engage the Right Customer at the Right Time

Pinpoint creates segments and identifies customers using the data in the cloud or onpremise. It leverages analytics and machine learning services to segment your campaign audience for the right customer and personalises your messages with the right content. Engage with customers at the right time and using the right channels.

Reporting and Real-Time feedback

Pinpoint allows us to understand and tweak campaigns and workflows based on real-time feedback. It helps identifies customer journeys and actions while customer interacts with your campaigns. Delivery and campaign metrics in Amazon Pinpoint measure the success of your communications.

Omni channel

Pinpoint service provides global scale which supports multi-channels like email, voice, SMS, and push notification. Amazon Pinpoint can grow with you and scale globally to billions of messages per day across channels.

How can we help?

We help companies automate and optimize their customer engagements activities using Amazon Pinpoint.

Build strong Digital customer experience strategy

We help manage complete customer engagement using Amazon Pinpoint, including building relevant campaigns across the various customer lifecycles

Smart Marketing Campaigns With Personalization

We help create a holistic view of customer behaviour across multi-channels and create more personalised campaigns than utilitarian based.

Customer Churn control with Dynamic Segmentation

By using machine learning to create customer segments in Amazon Pinpoint, we can create more relevant and targeted communication experiences for your customers, which can lower your churn rates, increase loyalty, and drive higher conversion rates.

Provide guidance on other AWS services

for possible integrations that add value to business processes, increase efficiency, enable automation, and achieve marketing goals.