The interoperability of technologies, architecture, and data have always existed. The difference today for the digital enterprise is the scale and pace at which these things must be addressed in order to remain competitive and relevant to their customers. There is a need to mobilize and manage data for consumption—to draw meaning out of the data and drive analytics outcomes and business insights.

Big Data storm is here and it is here to stay. Cloud being a catalyst for big data provides a plethora of opportunities to quickly build, secure and scale end to end big data applications and that too with a lot of ease.BlazeClan’s Big Data Solution approach is designed to help organizations define a big data analytics process, adopt right tools, build a cloud based analytics engine and empower businesses with actionable and operational business analytics. Our 5 step solution approach ensures that you have the best in breed solution on Cloud to help you make the best use of your Data.

Big Data Solutions Approach

Huge amount of resources are required for analysing huge amount of data , so upfront capital expenditure for such resources is often a major deterrent for such important initiatives. Cloud is Big Data’s best friend for its ability to provision resources only when required.

Customer Success

“Qio has partnered with Blazeclan for Automation of Cloud  services, Implementation of ELK stacks for monitoring metrics, Service Desk for 24×7 monitoring of infrastructure. We are happy to have Blazeclan as a partner in our journey.”

Sanjay Bhatia,
Country Director India, QIO Technologies

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