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Blazeclan is born-in-cloud, strategic partner of choice to organisations that want to deliver business excellence using cloud as a tool. We do this by partnering with cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google.

We are born-in-cloud and are obsessed about our customer’s success. Since our inception more than 9 years ago, we have partnered with and delivered results for businesses of varying scale, across industries and geographies.

Over the years, to be able to get close to our customers, we have established teams and offices at Asia Pacific (Singapore, India), Americas (and Canada), Europe and Australia.

We exist to deliver the best that the cloud has to offer – flexibility, agility, scalability, robustness, security and cost optimisation.

Why did we re-brand?

While the born-in-cloud is a great competitive advantage to have, the team believed that we now offer lot more than mere cloud migration services. We thus embarked on a transformative journey of discovering our deepest and sharpest differentiators. We took an exploratory path that made us look inwards and question our existence. Along the way, we discovered what we stand for and more importantly, where we wished to head!

Say hello to Blazeclan 2.0. We call this the Blazeclan Way.

The ‘Blazeclan Way’ is defined by the values upon which we base our ideas, solutions, business & people policies.

Customer Obsession

This is the cornerstone of our existence. We start with the objective of customer success and work backwards to determine our actions.

Insist on Higher Standards

We always strive to raise the bar and drive ourselves to deliver best in class products, services and solutions, enabled by world class processes.

Bias for Action

We choose action over thoughts and words – every time. We promise output and agility to our customers through our business. Even if it means taking calculated risks.

Deliver Results

Desired outcome of high quality with timely delivery is a promise we make to ourselves and our stakeholders always.

Think Big

We want to create, deliver and communicate propositions that are exceptional and will exponentially change the world. We want to make a dent in the universe!


We aim to create a better world through our business and actions, underlined by empathy. We take pride in creating an understanding and dependable environment for all our employees, vendors, clients, partners and communities which we touch, where everyone thrives and grows together.

Disagree & Commit

We encourage healthy disagreements, debates and expression of opinions but always remain committed to work towards a common goal for the best results.

Have Fun

We love what we do and we do great stuff in a good way. That is how we have fun!

Dynamism Runs in our blood!

When we sat down to work on our new brand, we realised that dynamism runs in our blood. Something that even the cloud stands for! It was thus natural that our identity reflected this dynamism!

What better to manifest dynamism than having a dynamic identity itself?

Blazeclan takes pride in our bias for action and the impact that we deliver.

Our dynamic identity system has an action verb and the intended outcome of a customer’s engagement with Blazeclan.

the format

(action verb) (nouns/industry term) on cloud

The new Blazeclan logoform.

What was needed with this new bold, dynamic identity system is a bold symbol. While it had to be bold, it was to be simple, replicable and distinct. While we did various iterations, we kept going back to a form, most dynamic in it shape!

From a basic building block, the identity takes various shapes that communicates not just the dynamism of Blazeclan but everything else that we stand for!

The basic card of our logo forms the building block of our identity, this can be further utilised to form intricate shapes that helps us to communicate more than just our identity.

Say hello to Blazeclan 2.0.

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