Media Business


As a matter of fact a Report from indexes the World’s largest population as:

  1. China
  2. India
  3. Facebook
  4. Tencent
  5. Whatsapp

Conceivably, with the aforestated fact we may deliver that 93% of the Shopper’s Buying Decisions are influenced by Social Media or may be not.

Media Technologies are the mass media that are intended to reach a large audience by mass communication.

The growing popularity of media sharing is creating scaling problems for site owners, who face ever-increasing storage and bandwidth requirements and increased go-to-market pressure to deliver faster than the competition.

The Major Challenges Faced

It also includes serious requirements for low latency, high availability, durability and access control. In addition, because of “spiky” usage patterns, operations teams often need to provision static hardware, network, and management resources to support the maximum expected need, which guarantees waste outside of peak hours.

This fast changing industry and companies now rely a lot on the new age media channels to earn additional revenues from their content and keep their audiences engaged.  To leverage this, we’ve lately seen a burning need by media companies for a cost effective automated workflow solution & have been working closely with some marquee media companies, to develop just this. This media workflow, a 4 Step Solution, automates Content Storage, Transcoding, Publishing on Syndicate Partner Platforms like Youtube, vimeo & even archival using AWS Cloud. You can try out this workflow free on AWS Testdrive.

Solution Architectures to the Rescue!

But, if you’re having challenges optimizing your media solution, AWS provides with two sample solution architectures – Content & Media Serving and Media Sharing. These are only reference designs and you can modify these based on your company’s requirements.

Sample Architecture

Content & Media serving involves services like Amazon EC2, Amazon Route 53, Amazon CloudFront and Amazon S3 for live streaming and to deliver high-performance media serving.

Amazon S3 is highly available, highly durable. It provides a great way to offload the work of serving static content from your web servers. Am