Companies moving to the cloud are preferring modernized platforms, which begets the question whether the cloud is driving data modernization or it is the reverse scenario. These two trends are growing in parallel and the relationship between them is somewhat unclear, while both are vital for a successful growth of an organization. In fact, it has been observed that the cloud and data modernization are reinforcements one another.

Vendors are not only offering cloud-based solutions, but also building data modernization capabilities. On the other hand, leading organizations are doubling their data footprint annually, simultaneously looking to reduce costs, leveraging new forms of big data, and integrating machine learning algorithms & artificial intelligence. However, only organizations that move to the cloud and modernize their data at the same time get these benefits.

Steps To Ensure A Successful Data Modernization

It takes years for a successful execution of data modernization, however with proper planning and focus, organizations can iterate strategically and move methodically. Some key steps are: