The fact that hybrid strategy resolves critical cloud computing challenges, such as high cost, latency and vendor lock-in, is evident. Also, organizations benefit from leveraging unique capabilities of vendors, including artificial intelligence, augmented reality or serverless computing. However, for organizations operating their workloads on hybrid AWS-Azure environments, improper management remains one of the major challenges to cloud cost optimization.

Organizations suffer from large expenses of cloud services owing to improper hybrid AWS-Azure cloud management. In such cloud environments, utilizing all services becomes difficult in line with demand. This has made organizations look for hybrid AWS-Azure cloud cost optimization solutions and best practices.

Practices to Follow for Cost Optimization on Hybrid AWS-Azure Cloud Environments

Get the Basics Right

It is observed that over-provisioning and idle resources are some of the major sources of cloud waste. This implies poor attention and management of the cloud environment by organizations. In the process of ensuring application performance through over-provisioning, most organizations are continuously paying for peak usage. The IT teams need to implement greater automation in their resource management. Closely focusing on the basics will help organizations eliminate waste resources.

Integration is Essential

In hybrid AWS-Azure cloud environments, developers need common standards for managing and integrating their supplier ecosystem. A multi-sourced, cohesive ecosystem essentially needs integration in areas such as processes, information, tools, governance, organization and business. For example, the network layer is a vital integration component of such cloud environments. The network control, visibility and security must extend into the hybrid environment. As a result, organizations can achieve cloud cost optimization with different management functionalities in a single pane of glass.

Resolve Governance Challenges

For organizations operating on both AWS and Azure cloud environments, governance efforts matter as much as any other critical process. Lack of control and oversight puts organizations in the jeopardy of spending more than needed. DevOps helps in reducing time-to-market and boosts agility. However, when organizations get complete control without the capability to force cost optimization and changes, spendings increases rapidly. Cloud cost optimization solutions that adapt to both AWS and Azure environments are the key for organizations to resolve governance bottlenecks.

Requirement-Specific Architecture Mapping

Mapping the entire network is of paramount importance for organizations operating their workloads on a hybrid AWS-Azure cloud environment. The next step is to ident