Organizations today are looking for simpler avenues for migrating their existing workloads to cloud or deploy their applications on to the cloud. We help our clients to migrate their Amazon Web Services (AWS) deployments to reduce complexity and maximize returns. BlazeClan further focuses on developing and offering the best-fit AWS infrastructure for your cloud needs that not only meets the business expectations but also sets long-term goals for growth and sustainability.

BlazeClan strategizes migration to AWS by adhering to the following workflow.

Our Migration and Deployment approach

BlazeClan implements a 6R Methodology for categorising the migration. With the appropriate business requirements, the category is selected and the appropriate migration methodology is implemented.

  • Re-Host – Simply known as ‘Lift & Shift’, applications are straightly deployed on AWS Infrastructure from on-premises infrastructure without performing any changes to the architecture.
  • Re-Platform – Applications are hosted on cloud requiring an OS and database upgrade for high-end cloud compatibility. Application architecture may require minimum alterations with installation on the cloud.
  • Re-Factor – Legacy applications undergo structural changes to leverage PaaS and SaaS patterns in the cloud. Strategic applications can be converted into cloud-native.
  • Re-Purchase – Highly efficient for applications used to support functions (HR, Project Management, etc.). Various SaaS offerings can be explored for easy and quick replacement.
  • Retain – Major applications which rely heavily on processes or which are critical to businesses and are not supported on the cloud are under the Retain category of migration. These applications require customizations and are not replaceable.
  • Retire – Applications not used or not strategic or already marked for decommissioning. The last state in the type of migrations for applications that are no more required.

BlazeClan has helped more than 100 customers in migrating their workloads to the clouds seamlessly. With the infusion of industrialized and robust methodology for migrating high-end workloads, we ensure to deliver quick time-to-value.BlazeClan architects AWS cloud strategies that help our client in successfully accelerating through their cloud journey. Whether it is customer facing application – web-based or mobile, enterprise applications like SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, Microsoft, ERP, CRM, Portal or their legacy environments, we have the experience and expertise to chart out an effective plan of migration with near-zero downtime.

BlazeClan with AWS leverages the right combination of AWS Infrastructure services and best practices to rapidly migrate applications from on-premises to the cloud.

Customer Success

“BlazeClan helped us migrate and automate our Algo Test Environment to cloud infrastructure, enabling all market participants to test their trading algorithms at no cost. This opens up a lot of opportunities for the traders who can now use live data/historical data and generate reports to check performances. This move with BlazeClan has definitely given us an edge.”

Ashish Kumar Chauhan
MD & CEO, Bombay Stock Exchange

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