Enterprises today can remain focused on innovation by leveraging elastic architecture and managing the costs by implementing a cloud native application development strategy.
At BlazeClan, our aim is to partners with our customer to develop a cloud-native development strategy aligned with their business strategy, skillsets and existing infrastructure.
Our offerings include building and operating cloud-native services by automating and integrating the concepts of :

Cloud Native Services

We enable our customers to decrease their time to market and build a fault tolerant, highly available and scalable application to support their business needs.

Development Methodology

Customer Success

“My experience with Blazeclan has been wonderful since the day I started working with them.
Working on a long term project, keeping a very clear & simple approach; putting everything in place to respect deadlines while keeping an intelligent level of elasticity, is not an easy task for an IT business, no matter its size Blazeclan mastered it throughout the project development phase and keeps to its standard today.
Blazeclan oriented me to use AWS (Amazon Web Service), after using it for a while I became a strong believer that this was the best technology to deploy my tool. After attending a “cloud school day,” given by AWS employees, I hadthe chance to realize that the way Blazeclan set me up on AWS was the best approach for my business. These guys really know their field of expertise.
Blazeclan is a well-organized business that makes it a delight to work with, even if you are located 5000 miles away.”

Founder, Klovys

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