BlazeClan’s Pre-Built Cloud Testing Solution is designed to test complex web loads with a Dynamic, Scalable, Cost effective and a Distributed Testing Environment capable of simulating workloads using Cloud global data centres. Our three stepped testing approach (Functional, Non-Functional & Ability Testing) ensures that applications are tested for

  • Functionality
  • Availability
  • Performance at Scale
  • Interoperability & Security

BlazeClan’s Load testing offerings includes usage of Jmeter & BlazeClan Custom Test Scripts for a distributed Cloud Environment- Jmeter Setup on a distributed Cloud test environment for performance testing. It is a JAVA based tool used for load and performance testing can be used for functional testing as well.

Validation highlights

  • Fully Managed – No Installation and Monitoring Required (It will be manually managed)
  • Development of customized scripts based on real life scenarios
  • Highly Scalable- Usage of Master-Slave kind of architecture to generate desired load
  • Real-time Application and Infrastructure insights using tools like New Relic. (Can be used for Application and Database Optimization)
  • Quality Deliverables- Delivery of Processed Graphical Reports using third party tools like LoadoSophia
  • Elevated Support- To define tests, and understand reports
  • Cost Efficient
  • API Testing

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