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Control Your Cost On IT Infrastructure

Businesses are increasingly adopting new services on the cloud. As it becomes difficult to manage these, there is a dire need for tools that not only manage costs but also enhance performance. Through an effective cloud cost analysis, wastage tracking, resource checklists and cloud management platform, achieving cost optimization becomes seamless. In today’s scenario of growing IT costs, it is imperative that organizations have cost optimization solutions at hand, especially in cloud management.

cSaver - Blazeclan’s Cloud Optimization Service

Our cost optimization framework, cSaver, adapts perfectly to AWS, Azure and Hybrid cloud environments. We help you relieve the IT budget and enforce cost controls to continuously track your cloud costs.

cSaver leverages AWS tools for optimizing costs on the AWS cloud. Monitor your saving plans or reserved instances through budget alarms.

cSaver facilitates optimizing the use of Azure cloud services and reducing the storage footprint. Track budget breaches, wastage or opportunities to cut costs.

cSaver is built to adapt to hybrid AWS-Azure cloud environments. Get deep analysis of AWS and Azure service usage with statistics that drive real cost-saving actions.


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