Cloud and Devops is a marriage made in heaven. Adopting DevOps as a mainstream culture is an absolute must for organizations embracing cloud for their businesses. Both Cloud and DevOps are enabling factors that can help IT departments address huge transformation shifts easily.

BlazeClan’s DevOps practice enables our customers to transform how they design, build and operate cloud services. By leveraging our deep expertise in handling multiple complex DevOps cases and following a unique discovery based adaptive methodology for implementation of DevOps cases supported by tools which enable continuous integration & deployment, our customers can gain success in the cloud.

In order to understand the readiness of any enterprise to adopt DevOps, a combination of the following parameters are required –

  • Degree of agility
  • Level of collaboration
  • Maturity of Process

BlazeClan has developed a framework to capture this analysis in a matrix called “BlazeClan’s DevOps Score Matrix”

We leverage our unique discovery based adaptive methodology for implementation of DevOps projects. Following parameters creates the basis of quadrant that includes –

  1. Agility Vs Complexity
  2. Risk of release Vs Time to market

With this methodology, our team can assess the agility requirements and business need Vs risk associated. This methodology clearly helps us to define the right DevOps needs and requirements.

BlazeClan’s DevOps Tool Chain index provides the complete end to end DevOps tool set for the specific requirement. This approach amalgamated with DevOps Score matrix and DevOps Tool Chain Index ensures successful implementation of DevOps projects and underscores BlazeClan to be the  partner in the customer journey of transformation.

DevOps & Infrastructure Automation

AWS DevOps Tools

  • AWS CodeDeploy
  • AWS CodeCommit
  • AWS CodePipeline
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • AWS OpsWorks
  •  AWS Cloudformation

Other Open Source DevOps Tools

  • GitHub
  • Solano Labs
  • Ghost Inspector
  • Chef
  • Ansible
  • Saltstack
  • Runscope
  • Puppet
  • Atlassian

Customer Success

“At Gooru, we believe education is a human right and we support teachers and students around the world. Learning can happen anytime, anywhere, and our technology empowers students with 24/7 open access to online learning. It’s critical for our mission and our users that we are responsive and reliable. The BlazeClan team has been a great partner to fulfil that commitment with 24/7 NetOps support and successful deployment of our learning navigator.”

Amara Humphry,
Co-founder, Chief Product Officer, Gooru

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