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Financial services institutions (FSIs) are under pressure to increase agility, improve efficiency, and embrace digital transformation, according to a Forrester Consulting study.

Amid this digital revolution, many players are reinventing themselves by re-architecting their technology to delight their customers. By advancing in their cloud journey, these enterprises are able to experiment in a digital way as well as deliver new applications rapidly, while adhering to the highest standards of security.

Solutions Offered

Having enabled many banking and financial services organizations to move to the cloud, BlazeClan has the expertise, cognizance, resources, and to deliver innovative solutions that meet the compliance requirements of the financial services sector.

Our customers from the financial services community leverage our cloud services for transforming their core-business, migrating mission critical-applications, and creating enterprise agility and customer-centricity.

By leveraging the robust and stringent controls implemented by AWS, to maintain security and data protection in the cloud, we are focused in delivering digital-at-scale solutions for our banking and financial services customers.

Cloud Services offered to the Banking and Financial sector

With our professional services expertise, our enterprise customers of all sizes can operate like agile start-ups by:

Delivering high performance computing and big data storage.

Building new cloud native mobile applications.

Optimizing and automating business processes from customer delivery to data driven management.

Migrating mission critical workloads to AWS.

Designing Disaster recovery plan

Scaling Development and test environments.

Contact us to learn how we can partner with you to leverage these capabilities at your organization and enable you to out-innovate your competition.

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