Blazeclan’s Cloud Analytics Framework

What is Cloudlytics?

A single platform which offers you orchestration for log analysis and monitoring also gives you comprehensive visibility of your logs. It is a SaaS solution which does not require any additional agent/collector for data integration. Track your network intruders and find out who caused the network breach or data theft by performing log forensics. With Cloudlytics you can analyze any kinds of logs from any servers, network, application, databases, system or you can add your own custom application logs and produce meaningful dashboards and real-time monitoring.

Event Monitoring


Get terabytes of data from any data centres, of various log events, and geographies with the capability to scale horizontally.

List of event sources available

  • AWS: AWS ALB Logs, AWS CloudFront Downloaded logs, AWS CloudFront Streaming logs, AWS Cloudtrail logs, AWS ELB logs, AWS RDS Stats, AWS S3 logs, AWS VPC logs.

  • Application: Apache Access logs, Apache Error logs, IIS, NGINX Access logs, NGINX Error logs, Trend micro.

  • Databases: MySQL General logs, MySQL Slow Query logs, MySQL Error logs.

  • Network: Squid proxy access logs, Squid proxy Error logs, Tiny proxy logs.

  • System: System, SSH, Windows logs.

Search Panel

For a quick search of your recent logs search panel is very useful. You can also search for logs as old as 1 year.


Visualize the log data with filters and conditions in graphical form or convert it into a data table and save them for later review. The graphs and be downloaded for further analysis.


Get all the insights of your different logs on a single customizable dashboard, also get default dashboard to just get started with your monitoring.


Get notified on important log events, data theft, intruders directly to your endpoints, also get default alerts to just get started with your monitoring.

Compliance Monitoring


Compliance monitoring is a type of quality assurance testing that ensures your business activities comply with certain standards. A compliant monitoring team usually acts as an independent entity and provides assurance that the firm is operating within a compliant set of standards.

Compliances available

  • CIS AWS Foundation Checklist.

  • GDPR Compliance Checklist for AWS.

  • MAS Compliance Scan.

  • AWS Security Compliance Check.

  • PCI DSS Compliance.

  • HIPAA Compliance.

  • ISO 27001.

  • NIST 800 53 Rev 4.

  • AWS Security Group Health Check.

  • S3 Bucket Health Check.

  • BETA SOC2 Compliance.


Get actionable insights of your high-level reports. Run a scheduled scan daily, weekly, or customized frequency and get the detailed reports directly via the email. Get proper remediations steps on the dashboard also in the downloadable reports to remediate the failed rules

Report Dashboard

Get the consolidated status report in a graphical format on the dashboard. View all the previous reports on the dashboard itself.

Rule suppression

Suppress a rule temporarily, as to skip the known reason for rule failure.

Downloadable report from Console

Download the report on the dashboard on just one click. You can also download the previous reports for analysis.

Compare Reports

You get an additional feature of Compare reports where compare your current generated report with the previous reports or vice versa and download the compared HTML report.


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