Enabling high engagement with optimal user participation.

Video has overtaken traditional communication mediums as a marketing tool. Marketers are now leveraging this highly engaging medium by adopting ‘Video First’ strategy.

There is a rapid increase in investment of resources towards production and distribution of quality video content that drives consumer engagement. Options like live videos, stories, advertisements, and live streaming of social media events have become seamlessly integrated into the lives of consumers.

We leverage the marketing need of the hour i.e. visual content and distribution through unmatched content management solutions.  

We at Blazeclan have created CloudStream – an innovative cloud-based video processing solution. The cost-efficient cloud product for live streaming events, transcoding, archiving and delivering high-quality video for content creators. CloudStream enables high engagement as it functions as a holistic video asset management platform supporting content ingestion, process, and delivery of any class of content, be it Video on Demand (VOD) or Live Streaming.

CloudStream Features 

Live Streaming
Deliver a seamless yet engaging live-stream viewing experience with a plethora of value-added features.

Video Upload and Ingestion

Easily upload and ingest video, audio, bulk images, or individual files via the browser.

Video Transcoding and Processing

Once you upload your content, we can transcode it into multiple formats.

Content Distribution

Our powerful video distribution services reach your target audiences across the web with significant ease and efficiency.

Video Marketing and Sharing Platform

Simplify syndication and marketing of your video content on partner websites and applications.

Video Rekognition

CloudStream’s deep learning and video analytical tools detect activities, enable object building and integration, face recognition, celebrity recognition, text recognition, and image moderation in systems and applications.

Video Streaming and Delivery

Stream high-quality video content in the highest resolution with full security and control, while delivering content in multiple formats across devices.

Video Management

With the help of an all-in-one intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can not only organise your media content but also search, edit, moderate, and create playlists among many other forms of video management.

Video Interactivity and Engagement

Allow your users to collaborate and get creative with our dynamic interactivity and engagement solutions.

Video Analytics

CloudStream comes with a built-in dashboard to facilitate analytics, reports, and actionable business insights to effectively comprehend your content; leaving no room for error.

Why CloudStream?

  • High-performance encoding
  • Low latency streaming
  • Engaging viewer experience
  • ‘Any media to any device, anywhere’ simplified
  • Significant ease of integration with existing commercial channels
  • Flexibility and control
  • High-end performance with scalability
  • High-definition video quality