Blazeclan’s Cloud Security Framework

cSecure is a comprehensive wrap of Blazeclan’s security products and industry standard tools. It aims to provide a combination of security services starting from cloud security assessments to fully managed security services. cSecure allows the customers to pick and choose security services from the wide range of Blazeclan’s offerings befitting their cloud environment.

cSecure Offerings

cSecure Offerings


GAP Analysis

An exhaustive review to find gaps in the current AWS environment with respect to missing security controls.

AWS Environment Hardening

Our custom cloud scripts ensure best practises for securing cloud environment. It assures to have a secured setup for the underlying cloud environment.

Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing

Our team of experts will conduct vulnerability assessments and penetration testing on customer servers and applications running on the cloud.

Server and Endpoint Protection

Our team of security experts assist and help customers in protecting the critical servers and desktop environment running on the cloud.

Cloud Perimeter Security

This includes protecting the cloud environment of the customer by hardening their account from a network perspective and setting-up and installing a network-based firewall for cloud deployment.

Security Operations Center

Advanced SIEM

Centralise and analyze the events generated within the cloud environment(s), endpoints and servers using our next generation Advanced SIEM.

Threat Intelligence

With over more than 12 threat intelligence sources, cSecure stay a step ahead of the malicious actors. It detects malware and advanced threats easily.

End User Behaviour Analytics

cSecure detects insider threats and Shadow IT more efficiently through our advanced anomaly detection module.

Incident Detection and Response

Our cloud security operations center has the ability to automatically respond to a set of security events such as DoS, DDoS, and other such anomalies.

Compliance & Governance

  • A centralized inventory for all your cloud accounts (AWS + Azure + GCP) – Acquire, maintain and monitor an updated inventory of all your assets across all the cloud accounts in a single dashboard.
  • Gain complete visibility and insight into your cloud compliance status and remediate unmet requirements with a single click
  • Lockdown access to Network and IAM to avoid misuse of user privileges through our cloud compliance dashboard. The solution is provided through a centralized glass pane.

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