Data Lake in a Box

There’s a lot of Data

Data is considered as the new oil for businesses today; however, enterprises and their CIOs face a big dilemma, whether to store or delete that old data. Ultimately, today’s enterprises rely more on data assets than ever before to get business insights for decisioning. And, that is where the big dilemma turns into a complex and costly affair in most organizations. 

The “digital transformation” journey which every enterprise in embarked upon to drive business growth is in the course generating data and an unprecedented scale. Autonomous vehicle technologies, chatbots, social interactions, IoT devices including sensors in bodies, homes, factories and cities, augmented reality, communications, etc are all generating massive amounts of data, which if collected, processed and analysed can give valuable insights in the areas of customer analytics, operational efficiencies, products innovation, risk and fraud detection and infrastructure life span.

Blazeclan’s Data Analytics and Insights – the foundation of all the megatrends

We abstract and federate data from disparate sources and silos to provide consistent, enterprise views and enrich insights at speed. Deploying solutions on the cloud, we aim at automating actions to optimize outcomes and impact timely decision making by creating features and predict key business targets with a comprehensive palette of in-built data preparation and modelling tool, templates and accelerators.

 The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insights, by defining a strategy to do analytics the right way. “It should change what you do, not just how you do it”. We make sure that everyone who looks at the data and can make sense out of it by replacing some of the focus from quantitative to qualitative data. We give insights which provide a clear answer to make decisions and use analytics directionally. “The more real-time and granular customers can get, the more responsive, and more competitive, they can be”.

Our Implementation Framework

Blazeclan simplifies big data for transformative business insights. It enables enterprises to modernize their data architecture and operationalize their data lakes to incorporate data into everyday business practices. Blazeclan has years of experience architecting, scaling, and managing production enterprise Big Data services, including Data Lakes.

This digital world will be always “ON”,”TRACKING”,”MONITORING”,”LISTENING”, and “WATCHING” – In short, “LEARNING”. Blazeclan’s Data Analytics Solution approach is designed to help organizations define a data insights process, adopt right tools, build a cloud-based analytics engine and empower businesses with actionable and operational business analytics.

Our 5-step solution approach ensures that you have the best in breed solution on Cloud to help you make the best use of your Data.

  • Discovery and Foundation
  • Design
  • Build and Implement
  • Validation
  • Managed Services

Unpack Blazeclan’s “Data Lake in a Box” offering to Realize the Potential!

Usually, the key business stakeholders often contemplate on whether to invest in this new digital transformation journey. Enterprise wants to be very sure before migrating all their data into the data lake architecture to understand the “total cost of ownership”, “security”, and other business and technical benefits.

Blazeclan is focussed to solve this dilemma by introducing our offering called “Data Lake in a Box”. It helps create a prototype of what the end solution will look like without disrupting the actual Business, as Usual, to provide a recommendation and roadmap for seamless migration of applications data on to a single platform giving a holistic picture of the organization from a 360-degree view. Not to compromise on the security, and together with the best architecture and industry-specific best practises implemented, you can see the benefits on the solution in just 5 weeks.

Launchpad “Data Lake in a box” 1 TO 5

Our consultants at Blazeclan will help you choose the appropriate technologies as well as vendors for your Data Analytics strategy in a budget-friendly manner. These choices will be made keeping in mind your existing data warehousing systems, as well as investments.

Our team will work with you to design proof-of-concept prototypes that utilise the latest trends and technologies. Once a prototype has been successfully validated, we will help you deploy this Data Analytics Solution.