DevOps Transformation

The DevOps Transformation (DOT) Framework

A DevOps Transformation roadmap is designed on the specific tools and processes by tightening controls and fixing the gaps identified from the assessment. This is a part of the DOT (DevOps Transformation) Framework, devised by BlazeClan.

The DOT Framework breaks down an organisation’s DevOps transformation journey in the form of incremental improvements:

  1. Create application groups: Groups of application will be created based on DevOps maturity score, with groups having the highest score will be taken up first for maturity
  2. Uniform branching strategy: A uniform branching strategy has to be designed and will have to be followed by all developers. Access control and deployment accessibility for developers will be restricted to Dev and Test Environments
  3. Applications with high coverage of automated testing: Applications having a high percentage of automated regression test coverage will be integrated first with build and deployment pipeline. For other applications, automation test coverage will be first improved before implementing in the complete pipeline.

For new applications to be migrated to AWS, BlazeClan will implement its end to end automation framework.

DevOps pipeline once set-up requires the following maintenance activities:

  • Creating build and deploy pipeline for any new application
  • On-demand deployments of applications
  • Resolving build issues along with dev team
  • Resolving deployment issues
  • Rollback strategy to revoke the deployments (Ansible)
  • Managing build tools (TravisCI)
  • Monitoring/Managing hosts running build tools (hosts on which TravisCI, GitHub, ZenHub are running)

Skill-set and Culture building

BlazeClan considers the upskilling and cross-skilling of people as one of the main success criteria for DevOps Transformation. This will include developing the engineering culture and also working with the teams to set the goals for meeting business SLAs.

This will be accompanied by a robust transformation and training plan that will ensure setting up of processes with people having the right level of technology and tools understanding.

The training plan will include the following:

  • Continuous Delivery and Process Automation:
    • Demonstrate an understanding of application lifecycle management
      • Application deployment management strategies such as rolling deployments and A/B.
      • Version control, testing, build tools and bootstrapping
    • Demonstrate an understanding of infrastructure configuration and automation
  • Monitoring, Metrics and Logging
    • Monitor availability and performance
    • Monitor and manage billing and cost optimization processes
    • Aggregate and analyze infrastructure, OS and application log files
    • Use metrics to drive the scalability and health of infrastructure and applications
    • Manage the lifecycle of application and infrastructure logs
  • Security, Governance and Validation
    • Demonstrate how to implement and Manage Identity and Access Management and security controls
    • Demonstrate ways to protect data in-flight and at rest
    • Demonstrate how to use AWS services to implement IT governance policies

Thus, an organisation embarking on a DevOps journey will BlazeClan will end up leveraging a comprehensive bespoke framework which includes not just Tools, Technologies, but also the softer but as important aspects skill-set upgrade, and a larger culture-shift.