Smart OCR

(Document Text Extraction)

Identify. Analyze. Extract.

Automate your business processes by structuring documents to drive improved visibility and smarter queries. Our smart OCR model helps you transition smoothly from unstructured to structured data for enhanced integration.

Why Do You Need This?

Legacy document processing practices are time-intensive and error-prone. This has led organizations to issues including control, quality, and cost along with dissatisfaction in results. The need of the hour is to leverage intelligent document processing techniques, such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), to capture important data for boosting business productivity.

Our Framework

Value Proposition

Pre-built OCR Models

Pay As You Go

Pre-built Accelerators

Pre-built Cloud Models

Agile Delivery

What Do You Get?

Business Agility

Business Agility

Eliminate bottlenecks and automate your document processing for faster, more accurate business operations.

Cost Optimization

Cost Optimization

Optimize costs by reducing your manual overheads essential for performing document processing.



Improve oversight by standardizing your document processing even as lowering IT dependency for maintaining system compliance.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Achieve transparent and facilitated document processing to exceed expectations and enhance experience of your customers.

Why Choose us?

We help you achieve accurate extraction results and transform your documents into quantifiable and methodical formats. Streamline and automate your document processing with our highly scalable solution that enhances accuracy of your data. Achieve high accuracy in extracting information by implementing error checks in validating your data.

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