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How To Leverage & Maintain A Remote Workforce?

Transition to remote operations

With the outbreak of COVID-19, businesses today are facing the challenge of managing complex operations, as they integrate and extend their ecosystem to include end customers, partners, and vendors.

In response to this outbreak, the companies are ramping up their BCP measures and moving to work-from-home solutions. This is to ensure workload continuity and prepare themselves to keep their business-critical IT systems up and running.

Quick Starter Desktop-as-a-Service Package

To enable end-user productivity and collaboration, we have put together a quick starter package solution for you. This solution serves as the first line of defence against the COVID-19 crisis and minimizes any impact on your business.

Secure, Connect and Collaborate seamlessly with Amazon Workspaces
It provides end-users with a fast, consistent, and familiar desktop experience anywhere, any time, and on almost any web-enabled device. Unlike on-premises VDI, Amazon WorkSpaces requires no upfront investment, therefore, it is easier and cost-effective to scale, whether you have a few users or thousands.

We can help you in seamless adoption of Amazon WorkSpaces to provision desktops [windows or Linux] in just a few minutes and quickly scale to provide thousands of desktops to your workforce around the globe.

Quickly Deploy, Scale and Secure with Azure Virtual Desktop
Windows Virtual desktop enables you to deploy virtual desktops and apps in a short time to foster a secure, remote work collaboration. We can deploy a robust, scalable VDI solution and empower your organization with secure, reliable end-user computing services.


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