Serverless Architecture

By adopting a cloud-native approach, you can deliver scalability, resiliency, and agility—both for your business and developers. Strategize your cloud-native journey and explore how riding on the serverless wave can enable your IT to contribute directly to business value.

Build Your Technology at Start-Up Speed

Build, deploy and deliver added value to the core of your business by minimizing the time and resources you spend on infrastructure-related requirements. Serverless computing acts as a game-changing technology that enables you to shift your operational responsibilities to AWS. This further helps in increasing your agility and innovation by focusing on the application and automating your cloud operations.

No-Ops Set to Fuel Digital Transformation

Traditional enterprises have come a long way — from managing physical servers to virtual machines & containers, and serverless computing is no exception. This shift to cloud and further evolution towards hyper-automation has enabled businesses to quickly innovate their market-focused solutions without having to worry about their infrastructure.

Benefits of Going Serverless

The 2018 Global CIO survey of Deloitte has identified “Automation” and “Transformation” as the primary focus of their digital agendas. The next-generation enterprise leverages the serverless architecture to build great applications without challenges in managing and provisioning them.

  • Increased development velocity over time
  • Faster innovation
  • Enhanced scalability
  • Improved organizational impact

Blazeclan holds expertise in deploying a serverless application framework powered by AWS.


Blazeclan leverages AWS Lambda functions (AWS Lambda, AWS Lambda@Edge, and AWS Fargate) to build microservice architectures for agile development and improved security.


Blazeclan holds high expertise in consulting, architecturing, and engineering that covers all facets of AWS storage solutions. These facets range from the primary block, file, and object storage to data protection, disaster recovery, and archiving.

Data Stores

Blazeclan has proven expertise in deploying large applications using Amazon DynamoDB that need consistent, single-digit millisecond latency at any scale. We have deep expertise in implementing, building and migrating our customers to Amazon Aurora for cost-effective setup, operation, and scaling of their MySQL deployments.

API Proxy

Blazeclan uses Amazon API gateway to transform, connect and secure its customers’ APIs across any combination of the cloud, container or on-premise environments.

Application Integration

Blazeclan has hands-on expertise in implementing enterprise integration patterns with AWS messaging services including Amazon SNS, SQS, EventBridge, and Appsync.


Blazeclan leverages AWS Step Functions services to facilitate business workflows to coordinate applications from single AWS Lambda functions through complex multi-step workflows.


Blazeclan has in-depth expertise in implementing Amazon Kinesis suite of services (Kinesis data streams, Firehose, Data analytics) to collect, store, and process and analyze functions in real-time streaming data to deduce timely insights. We have proven expertise in building a fast, simple data analyzer with Amazon Athena and augmenting your enterprise data analytics.

AWS Serverless Application Model

Build your serverless applications faster, easier, and more reliably with the AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM). Blazeclan leverages the power of a serverless open-source framework to create and manage faster deployments of serverless technology stacks.  This model utilizes AWS SAM templates to provide a streamlined way of deploying Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda functions, and Amazon DynamoDB tables for your serverless application.