Advanced Analytics

Collect. Shape. Yield.

Harness the power of predictive and descriptive analytics techniques to drive future-oriented, data-driven decisions. Blazeclan’s advanced analytics team helps organizations extend their data mastery and boost competitive potential.

Why Advanced Analytics?

Data generation is becoming more and more voluminous and organizations look for ways to leverage and benefit from it. Through finer statistical modeling, predictive analytics, and customer analysis, advanced analytics helps organizations improve decision making. It helps them position themselves in the forefront of success and maintain their edge in today’s fast-changing business landscape.

Our Capabilities

Extract relevant patterns of information from your data through algorithm-based monitoring to offer better, personalized customer experience.

Deep Learning

Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing

Our Expertise

Sentiment Analytics

Tap into the customer experience data for identifying trending behavioural patterns and underlying emotions.

Information Extraction

Extract data from unorganized data sources to gain meaningful insights and transform with actionable intelligence.

Face/Object Detection

Leverage leading-edge technologies and deep learning-powered algorithms to identify counterflow behaviors of objects and people.

Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence

Our advanced analytics solutions are powered by machine learning that consolidates data quality, governance, and analytics to derive incisive insights.


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Why Choose us?

We empower you to achieve operational excellence with robust intelligence and process transparency. Manage, assess, and monitor the health of your daily operations in real-time. Gain insights into your business performance and remove operational disabilities through deep, data-driven insights.

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Meet our Expert

Baxish Mission

SU Head, Data Analytics & Insights

Baxish Mission is the Service Unit Head - Data Analytics & Insights at Blazeclan. With approximately 20 years of contribution to the Cloud and Big Data technologies and close to 2 years in Blazeclan, he brings extensive experience in designing complex Analytics solutions and enabling organizations with his Data Strategies and Executions for Instrumenting Analytics. He is adept in Data engineering, Data Lake architecture, governance, design and development, and enabling customers with AI/ML use cases, Big Data Architectures, Analytics & Information Management (AIM).

You have a challenge, he has a solution!


*The above information provided by you shall only be utilized for business purposes