Data Modernization

Data Integrity. Availability. Automation.

Leverage newer patterns of Big Data to bring more flexibility in data analytics and reduce costs. Blazeclan offers the right guidance on migrating and modernizing your data on cloud platforms.

Why Data Modernization?

Organizations are under immense pressure to analyze, manage, and access data as they advance in their transformation journey. Processing voluminous data becomes expensive as well as challenging, particularly with traditional data warehouses. Data modernization helps organizations identify data silos and inefficiencies across systems to progressively become data-driven.

What Do You Get?

Data Warehouse Modernization

Traditional Data warehousing systems and processes are unable to fuel the Data-Driven Enterprise engine which is the need of the hour. Data Modernization on cloud help you get rid of

Our Methodology


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Strategy Building


Way Forward

Our Approach

Top Down Approach

Business stakeholder confidence is prioritized and a strategy driven by customer use cases is implemented

Bottom Up Approach

IT stakeholder confidence is prioritized and a strategy driven by technology use cases is implemented to ebb Capex and Opex costs

Hadoop To EMR Migration

Traditional on-premise Hadoop/Big Data systems and processes face severe challenges with respect to the compute and storage required for the new age data-driven organizations. Hadoop modernization on the cloud helps you get rid of

Our Methodology





Our Approach

There are multiple approaches when it comes to Hadoop migration. We recommend the combination of Re-Architect and Retire for better ROI.


Simple “lift and shift” Approach. Migrate the code “as is” on the cloud platform.


Similar to “lift and shift” but with fewer optimizations based on cloud offerings and features.


Moving towards a completely new platform like “Software as a Service”


Change architecture by making use of cloud-native services for better performing, cost effective, and scalable solutions.


Decommission the existing on-premise applications post-successful migration.


Partially reuse some part/whole of the existing on-prem applications to fit with budget constraints or priorities.

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Why Choose Us?

We relieve you from traditional systems and processes and propel with a data-driven engine. Accelerate your data transformation by architecting a cloud-based ecosystem. Our alchemy of data modernization enables your business to be lean, agile, and future-ready by leveraging the full potential of your data assets.

What customers get after successful Hadoop migration

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Baxish Mission

SU Head, Data Analytics & Insights

Baxish Mission is the Service Unit Head - Data Analytics & Insights at Blazeclan. With approximately 20 years of contribution to the Cloud and Big Data technologies and close to 2 years in Blazeclan, he brings extensive experience in designing complex Analytics solutions and enabling organizations with his Data Strategies and Executions for Instrumenting Analytics. He is adept in Data engineering, Data Lake architecture, governance, design and development, and enabling customers with AI/ML use cases, Big Data Architectures, Analytics & Information Management (AIM).

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*The above information provided by you shall only be utilized for business purposes