Managed Analytics

Develop. Integrate. Manage.

Identify business challenges and drive value faster through actionable analytics. Blazeclan delivers systematic implementation of initiatives to help you leverage the full potential of analytics and realize economies of scale.

Why Managed Analytics?

Managed analytics provides a bird’s eye view of the data. Exponential growth of the data in recent years forced all organisations to invest in analytics. These include Fortune 500 as well as cash crunched startups. Every organisation collects data via different methods with the aim of becoming a more profitable organization.

Blazeclan offers stringent SLAs to ensure all workloads are completed well within time. Our L2 and L3 experts address application interface issues, complex ETL job failure resolutions, data Issues, reporting issues, etc. in a short time frame to ensure your business gets the data on time.

Our Methodology


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What Do You Get?


Quick root cause identification and issue resolution

Alert Management

Billing alerts will be sent based on pre-agreed threshold


Operationalize dashboards and reporting to deliver actionable insights based on trends and analytics

Periodic Review

Periodic (weekly/fortnightly/monthly) review of incident with the clients

ProActive Management

Proactively analysing and identifying pain area to reduce 10% incident number YoY

SLA Adherence

Strict SLA adherence to ensure data is delivered on time to business

Why Choose Us?

We offer all Analytics services under one umbrella for continuous support, enhancement and improvement. Our stringent SLAs ensure completion of all analytics tasks within time. Our L2 and L3 experts help you address application interface issues, resolve complex ETL job failure, and prevent data issues to ensure a punctual data delivery for your business success.

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*The above information provided by you shall only be utilized for business purposes