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We Are Your Go-To Partner for DevOps Services

To be highly responsive with advanced software features is what you need to keep up with contemporary technological advancements. Our exclusive cloud computing solutions will help you accelerate DevOps initiatives and bring cultural advancements in the way products are developed & delivered. It is time you realize greater business value with our DevOps services.

The If’s and But’s of DevOps Implementation

DevOps deployment is considered to be a time-intensive process, taking nearly a week’s time. Enterprises are radically hazy about their automation coverage and issue resolution that is associated with over 24 hours of recovery time. There have been many cases where problems remain even after the implementation of DevOps.

DOT – Blazeclan’s DevOps Framework

We believe that DevOps transformation is not only about the implementation of tools but it is a four-step process – Implementation, Measurement, Learning, and Improvement. DOT is for true DevOps transformation and puts end-user experience as a key priority. The three attributes of DOT are:

  • Metrics-driven and focused on improvement with measurements.
  • Readily deployable and ensures a secured standardized architecture.
  • Delivers enhanced business value through continued focus on improvements.

Dimensions of DOT Metrics


Measuring vulnerabilities and taking preventive actions.


Measuring the delivered software’s consistency and ensuring accuracy.


Measuring an enterprise’s capability to deliver software change.


Measuring an enterprise’s efficiency to deliver changes.

What We Offer

Project Development

We are customer-centric and use the right tools to break down the functional silos in an enterprise and deliver automation at its best. Our project development team ensures customer requirement-specific software development in a super-productive environment.

Continuous Integration

Our DevOps framework offers end-to-end automation and facilitates enterprise-wide adoption. It enables all teams to work simultaneously and eliminates the bug-inducing, long manual merges.

Continuous Delivery

We can help you enhance your delivery capabilities and remove high-risk failures involved in project development. Our DOT launchpad will make software deliveries a low-pressure activity by helping the team in getting faster feedback for quicker, necessary actions.

Measure, Learn and Improve DevOps

We can improve your overall DevOps framework and efficiency by following a metrics-driven measurement approach. In addition to Continuous Integration and Delivery, we would also measure the effectiveness of the implementation against predefined metrics and making adjustments accordingly. This way, we focus on improving the end-user experience using DevOps.