Workplace by Facebook

Create an engaging and open environment for your in-house teams.

Connecting your employees internally in a more engaging, productive and advanced manner, gives you a huge advantage over the competition. However, creating a safe and engaging internal communication environment for your enterprise requires expert support.

To achieve your ‘employee engagement’ goals, you need tools that encourage and empower people to share, communicate, and work cohesively while using the best digital tools available.

That is why Blazeclan offers to you ‘Workplace’ by Facebook, the enterprise software from the world’s reigning social network.

The Blazeclan Advantage

Blazeclan is the ideal service partner for your Workplace experience. Our experts help you build, strengthen and manage the 5 crucial pillars on which a successful launch depends.

Launch and Kick-off Planning

Well-begun is half done, and we ensure you start on a strong footing by planning pilot programs, time-bound success metrics and hosting encouragement sessions to leverage the best out of leaders. We offer scalable launch initiatives dedicated to user empowerment by prioritizing things that matter to users, in the real world and aligning a fail-proof launch strategy.

Implementation and Integration

Our expertise gives us the know-how to get the most out of the Workplace by Facebook integrations. It leads to reduced employee management processes and workflows, custom integrations resulting in an “Everything Connected” platform.

Planning the Communication – Culture, Groups and Training

We can’t emphasize more on the power of value-led communication strategies that minimize assumptions and enhance functional clarity. We have tools to devise compelling communication plans with ready to use internal branding assets, awareness ideas, ready to display booths and other accessories for your launch day. Further, Blazeclan regularly conducts training workshops for community managers, HR and other teams.

After-Launch Engagement

While a successful launch is imperative, it is just the beginning of long-term customer delight. With that in mind, we ensure constructive engagement and exceeding expectations at every stage, infused with intelligent data. Also, we empower your employees to run a sticky engagement approach, constant innovation and absolute adoption on the platform.

We believe that a successful program launch is only the beginning of customer delight. To this end, we’re committed to championing meaningful engagement and surpassing expectation at every touch point, fraught with intelligent data. In addition, we enable your employees to drive a sticky engagement approach with continuous innovation and 100 % adoption on the platform.

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