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Workplace by Facebook

Breaking the Silos of Engagement in Workspaces

Workplace by Facebook can help you transform and empower the way everyone connects and communicates in your organization. Blazeclan extensively uses Workplace by Facebook as a means of internal communication. We help you explore and transform your business with features that do more than just messaging, enable instant translation into 46 languages, and provision with dedicated team & project collaboration spaces.

Make Your Workplace A Better Experience!

Our Workplace by Facebook service combines easy-to-use features and next-generation technology to transform workflows, culture, and communications in an organization.

Workplace by Facebook

What We Offer

Workplace Adoption Roadmap

A good start is a key to success. Our Workplace adoption roadmap is easy to get along with and ensures a successful implementation. With the help of defined best practices and mapping integration dependencies, we enable you to develop a workplace strategy aligned with your overall digital business strategy.

Workplace Deployment and Implementation

Being an authorized Workplace deployment and implementation partner, we can help you develop customized organizational hierarchies, on-boarding, and a robust leadership community.

Customer-Centric Analysis

We deliver our clients with actionable and operational Workplace analytics along with community analytics. Our offerings can help you create customized dashboards to get incisive insights and understand employee sentiments.

Automated Build and Custom Integrations

By leveraging lean methodology and DevOps principles, we can help you create department-centric custom bots, namely for customer support, admin, HR, IT, etc. With Workplace, you can create a page and group bots along with continuous integration with your business workflow management applications.

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