Customer Profile

Advertising division of Mullen Lowe Lintas Group, Lowe Lintas has been credited as an agency that gave India its first television commercial. Lowe Lintas today manages 5 out of India’s Top 10 “Most Trusted brands of India”. In fact, most brands managed by Lowe Lintas have gone on to become leaders in their respective categories.

Their services include brand communication strategy, concept creation, creating and managing brand campaigns and multimedia production and have brands such as Axis Bank, Bajaj, Britannia, Hindustan Unilever, Havells, Idea, Johnson and Johnson’s Baby, Maruti Suzuki, Micromax, Tata Tea and more to their credit.

The Challenge

Being the torch bearer of advertisements in India, Lowe Lintas produces numerous videos/ audio-visuals that need to be approved and reviewed by various stakeholders before being published.

Publishing private videos on popular video-sharing websites such as YouTube or Vimeo is forbidden by company hence, they wanted a video sharing platform developed specifically for internal use. All old files were stored on CDs.

They wanted all their content to move to the cloud and be readily available for their internal teams and hence needed a video streaming and asset management platform.

The Solution

With the goal of developing a video streaming and asset management platform that offers highly available videos, BlazeClan conducted an extensive study to understand their existing infrastructure and areas for optimizing it. It was observed that all videos were stored on physical servers which in turn increased their storage costs. Manual sharing of large content within the company was also one of the bottlenecks we have identified.

BlazeClan developed an On Demand Video Platform for internal use for Lowe Lintas.

1. Application Development:

CloudStream was developed to address the existing issues and included additional features like:

•             Manage users and grants

•             Transcode the videos in different qualities

•             Video streaming

•             Publish video and/or sharing video

•             Manage assets (in this case video ad)

•             Publish a video and create its thumbnail

•             Maintain archival files inventory to help speedy retrieval of old files

•             A search engine which mines content with reference to the keyword

2. Infrastructural Redesign:

Replaced the physical servers with cloud storage solutions such as AWS Glacier and AWS S3

The Benefits

  1. Collaboration: The solution facilitated internal collaboration between teams, resulting in reduced operational time.
  2. High availability: The Company now have videos that are highly available across the teams and easily downloadable.
  3. Automation: BlazeClan assisted Lowe Lintas in minimizing their manual efforts involved in sharing the content internally by automating the process
  4. Storage Cost: The Company could decrease its storage cost by 50%

Tech Stack

  1. EC2
  2. RDS
  3. Jenkins
  4. ELB
  5. GIT
  6. S3
  7. NAT Gateway
  8. ELK
  9. Elasticache
  10. Chef

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