BlazeClan Consulted this Financial Company with their Cloud Road Map and helped the Customer with Deployment of their Algorithmic Trading Platform on Amazon Web Services and 24/7 Managed Services Support on AWS Cloud. 

Business Description

The Customer offers Alternative Risk Premium products to Institutional Investors. The customer operates an Algorithmic Trading Platform and opens over 5000 trading positions daily in 6 major Global Financial Markets. It analyses the historical data for diverse companies and proposes the best options for investments.

Business Requirements & Key Challenges

The customer is in the business of algorithmic trading, which requires an application with very high performance standards and high availability. Customer wanted to avoid huge upfront investments in buying the IT infrastructure, setting up a data centre and manage back up and disaster recovery for business continuity.

Given the nature of the business, the customer wanted to have a single platform to address all their IT requirements, to ensure low latencies. The customer wanted BlazeClan to help with carrying out a readiness assessment for Application Deployment on AWS Cloud.

  • To achieve High Availability, Scale & Fault Tolerance
  • Have a high uptime for application to support users from different time zone.

The platform should also follow various compliances to ensure security.

  • Have a high level of Data Security requirements
  • Implement security policies as per company guidelines to prevent all Unauthorized Access.

A key requirement for the Customer was to set-up periodic Backups and Monitoring & Alert systems.

  • Backup of all data & environments to maintain Historical Market Data.
  • Set-up Monitoring & Alert systems to manage their Cloud Environment.

Business Solution

During this engagement BlazeClan helped the Customer to evaluate Amazon Web Services Cloud Platform for their requirements and perform the following:

  1. Create an evaluation document for the AWS Cloud Platform
    • The readiness of the platform for customer requirement
    • Find feasible alternatives to the technical requirements which are not served by the platform directly
    • Calculate TCO
  2. Create a Road map for Deployment
    • Create detailed plan to deploy the applications in a phased manner
    • Design a secure environment on the platform for an application implementation
    • Identify challenges for integration with third-party data platforms
  3. Design for back up and Disaster Recovery
    • Create a backup plan and a DR plan
    • Design backup & DR on the platform
  4. High Availability and Performance
    • Design the application infrastructure for high availability
  5. Infrastructure Monitoring & Support
    • Provide detailed infrastructure monitoring and support plan
    • 24/7 Managed Services to support their production environment and troubleshoot problems related to AWS infrastructure on an ongoing basis.

Technical  Solution & System Architecture

BlazeClan helped the Customer with design & set-up of AWS environment,

  • Setup SQL Server AlwaysOn on EC2 with high availability
  • Custom scripts to backup EBS volume and setting up retention policies.
  • Automatically create AMIs of live instances to back up the environment on a periodic basis.
  • Secure implementation with AWS best practices like use of Bastion Host, SSL & Hardware VPN, AWS Security groups
  • Use of Workspaces under defined control groups to avoid unauthorized access to the application and related data.
  • Setting up Monitoring & Alert systems using Amazon CloudWatch


BlazeClan’s AWS Certified Consultants engaged with the customer and executed the following:

  • Evaluated multiple Cloud Platforms, and provided recommendations.
  • Created a TCO sheet to make the right decision.
  • Created a road map for implementing the applications in phases.
  • Designed a highly available and secure environment on AWS.
  • Ensured all compliance requirements were met.
  • Designed backup and DR for the system.

Technology Stack

  • Microsoft SQL Server Database
  • Python
  • Active Directory
  • Amazon Web Services
    • Elastic Compute Capacity (Amazon EC2)
    • Auto Scaling
    • Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)
    • AWS WorkSpaces

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