Established in the year 1996, Astro is a Malaysian and ASEAN content and consumer company leading in the Digital, TV, Radio, and Commerce space. The company’s television business includes Pay-TV and NJOI. It serves more than 23 million individuals in 5.7 million homes in Malaysia, which are diversified using various platforms like smartphones, tablets, Pay-Tv and more.


The Need for Scalable Infrastructure and Reducing Cost of PCI-DSS Compliance

Until 2017, the Astro team was using an on-premise payment gateway having various constraints like scalability, security, limited payment methods, etc. Precisely, below were a few major challenges faced by the business: 

  1. The constant risk of fraudulent attacks due to an application built on a legacy technology stack. 

  2. Frequent downtime affecting business outcomes. 

  3. With the increased demands and onboarding of new partners, the Astro team realized the need of having a scalable infrastructure which was lacking in the on-premise system. 

  4. The on-premise system was lacking good user-experience impacting the growth of the business. 

  5. The PCI-DSS compliance scope was huge in the on-premise system, thus, adding the operational cost. 

To overcome the above challenges and citing the future growth in the payment’s domain, Astro decided to move to a scalable and secure solution. Also, one of the primary requirements was to reduce the PCI-DSS compliance cost.


Blazeclan’s Cloud-native Solution to Meet Astro’s Requirements

The Astro team was looking for a solution which could meet the aforesaid challenges within a year. Therefore, the Astro-Blazeclan team collaborated to deliver a scalable and secured cloud-native solution in less than a year reducing the overall cost and improving the company’s ROI. 

A few highlights from the new solutions provided are: