The customer engages in a wide range of petroleum activities, ranging from upstream exploration and downstream oil refining to shipping and automotive engineering. The customer aims at embarking on a strategic journey of Data Analytics, for supporting their business requirements and becoming a data-driven company. The customer wanted to enhance its transportation safety and optimize their shipping and transport facilities. 


The Need to Set Up IoT on AWS Cloud


The customer wants to become data-driven to support their business objectives, which gave them an impetus to adopt Data Analytics. The proof of concept is to set up IoT to show the process of running video analytics on the edge using AWS services. The data platform will enable the customer to perform descriptive and diagnostic analytics on key metrics, building the ability to mitigate the bottlenecks in the business. The customer intends to use the power of their algorithms on the edge.


The customer was looking to reduce in-vehicle violation detection with the help of IoT devices. This involved


  • Distractions

  • Hands off wheel

  • Off Seatbelt

  • Using Mobile phone – Texting

  • Drinking while driving


Key objectives of the customer were to


  • Optimize their in-house algorithm in a preferred IoT device, such as Raspberry Pi or Jetson Nano.