The company has Entitlement Service for DTH and OTT platform that holds online user entitlements to become a single source across verticals. The existing system faced some bottlenecks, namely, 

  • A limited number of calls could be made to the billing system to get an updated set of entitlements.

  • The current system was not scalable to meet the increasing customer base across verticals.

  • No common system for handling customer’s entitlements.

  • Notification functionality takes time to post the notifications to the verticals for any entitlement changes.

The customer was looking to revamp and migrate the system to the AWS cloud to reduce the latency in entitlements, provisioning for the users to other partners and vice versa. 

Approach Used by Blazeclan to Migrate Customer’s System to the AWS Cloud

The journey initially started by helping the customer understand the overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of using AWS cloud.

Blazeclan’s product development offering comprised of:

  • An extensive study by our team of certified SAs began with the study of their existing code and the system.

  • The new system was rewritten and developed capitalizing on open source technologies like Linux, MySQL, spring boot, angular JS, and Nginx Tomcat.