The customer is one of the leading FMCG manufacturers, including commodities such as wheat flour and wheat products, along with pulses. The customer has over 30 years of rich experience in FMCG commodities and supply chain management.

The Challenge

To stay competitive, the customer needed to set up its website quickly and cost-effectively on the cloud. They were looking for a highly available website to provide an excellent end-user experience and minimize the risk of customers defecting to rival services due to outages or service slowdowns.

The infrastructure supporting the website was supposed to handle growth to several hundred thousand members and support demand peaks during special events.

The Solution

Blazeclan’s team of AWS-certified solution architects conducted an exploratory analysis to study the current architecture of the application

This included an understanding of

  • The underlying infrastructure required to support the application on AWS.
  • Deployment of three websites on AWS.

Once the existing architecture was explored, Blazeclan’s team formulated a detailed deployment approach. This included identifying the AWS service configurations, suggesting changes required in the application, and managing AWS deployments with the customer.

Once the infrastructure was set up, Blazeclan’s team worked closely with the customer’s team for deploying more than three websites on AWS cloud.

Benefits Achieved by the Customer

  • Cost-Effectiveness: With the on-demand model, the customer was able to leverage the benefits of cost-effectiveness.
  • Increase in Customer Base: The customer’s websites could now scale and support concurrent users on-demand with high performance, giving them the desired customer experience.
  • Competitive advantages: Adopting AWS has allowed the customer to keep their focus on business growth with both strategic and tactical advantages.

Tech Stack

Amazon EC2 Amazon S3 AWS Auto Scaling
Amazon EBS Amazon SES AWS Route 53
Amazon VPC AMI