Customer Profile

Established in 2013, Flipick is a leader in the web-to-print and marketing solutions industry. Part of Mediawide Group, it focusses on providing high-quality content, interactive eBooks, and assessments with adaptive learning for the education industry.

Since its inception, Flipick has experienced rapid growth and has become a leading technology partner to the eLearning industry.

As a part of the growth strategy, the company planned to create an infrastructure solution, enabling students to be able to write online exams concurrently. 

The Challenge

On a mission to provide a new standard of pedagogy for adaptive and non-linear learning and scalable infrastructure for flipped classrooms, Flipick required an infrastructure that could provide better controls over costs, and that it could scale to support fluctuating demands and in future support expansion into new countries and territories.

The Solution

BlazeClan’s team of certified AWS Solution Architects conducted a week’s long extensive consulting workshops and brainstorming sessions to study the current architecture of Flipick’s application.

This included an understanding of the –

  • Underlying infrastructure
  • Existing Applications, Processes & Compliance

Once the existing architecture was explored, BlazeClan’s team formulated an approach and performed the following changes –

  1. Application Level Changes – the SAs identified application & database related changes to remove performance bottlenecks and achieved a highly scalable application, database & Infrastructure design.
  2. Iterative Application Testing – In an iterative process, BlazeClan team wrote custom scripts for functional testing. It worked along with Flipick’s application team to carry out multiple performances and load testing cycles, enabling 5000 concurrent students to take online courses and exams.

The Benefits

  1. Cost Effectiveness: With the on-demand model, Flipick was able to leverage the benefits of cost-effectiveness.
  2. Increase in Customer Base: Flipick application was able to scale and support concurrent users on-demand with high performance, giving them the desired customer experience.
  3. Infrastructure Performance: Flipick was able to track the infrastructure performance by capturing inputs into actionable metrics and reports, thereby ensuring a high level of cost visibility to the management.

Tech Stack

  • EC2
  • CDN
  • S3
  • Auto-scaling
  • EBS