Customer Profile

A subsidiary of Mondelez International, the third largest global food and beverage company; Mondelez India Foods Private Limited has been in India for over 6 decades and was started in 1948 as an importer of chocolates

The entity of a company with more than 107,000 employees across 80 countries, was recognised as the third most admired company by Fortune India. It has created well-known brands such as Cadbury Dairy Milk (CDM), Cadbury Bournvita, CDM Silk, Cadbury Choclairs, Gems, 5-Star, Perk, Bournville, Celebrations, Halls, Oreo, Tang, and Toblerone.

Mondelez has partnered with Heera Software Private Limited (HSPL) who provides Software and services to Corporates for managing their distributor’s network and implementation of the downstream data Management system.

The Challenge

Mondelez has about 1100 – 1200 distributors for their products. Both Sales Representatives & Distributers used MeraNet, a software through which they could report day-to-day work to the Area Sales Manager (ASM). Daily sales figures got synced and the SO could view the summary at a glance.

The users (distributors & sales representatives) updated MeraNet at a daily basis frequency, which was mostly at the end of any day. This gave rise to some serious performance issues at the server level, leading to delays in payments to be made by Cash Flow Distributor.

The Solution

BlazeClan conducted extensive consulting workshops and brainstorming sessions, to study and evaluate the current infrastructure of Mondelez India and noted the below findings:

  • Peak traffic during data upload resulted in performance issues at the server level of MeraNet.
  • Based on the analysis of usage parameters, it was observed that the infrastructure provisioned, was built using compute-intensive instances than Memory intensive.

BlazeClan certified SAs recommended to decouple the reporting and application servers in order to overcome the performance issue. They worked with Heerasoft closely and formulated an approach involving the restructuring of the infrastructure to provide high availability and better performance.

Following changes were recommended and executed by the team for the same:

 1. Application Level Changes:

  • The application and reporting server were decoupled and placed onto separate servers, to ensure high availability and to remove performance bottlenecks.
  • Database performance was fine-tuned by setting up the striping EBS volumes and the changes were at the block level storage for Windows server to achieve right throughput for DB queries.

2. Infrastructural Redesign:

  • The compute intensive instances with replaced with the memory-intensive instances. The recommendation of dedicated hosts was also implemented to ensure that the owned MS SQL licenses were not redundant.

3. Migration Strategy:

  • A cut over strategy was designed to migrate approximately 1 TB of data in order to keep the transition time to its minimum. This also helped in overcoming the challenge of low internet connectivity,
  • Data backup was taken using AWS Import/Export and then the data sync for Delta was done over the internet. This also helped to ensure minimum downtime in the entire process of migration.

4. Security:

  • Trend Micro Deep security feature was implemented to secure the AWS infrastructure. This lowered the risk, as instances automatically were recognised and were secured, upon their launch. The feature also covered the following aspects of security:
    • Anti-Malware
    • Integrity Monitoring
    • Web Reputation
    • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
    • Bidirectional Stateful Firewall
    • Log Inspection

BlazeClan also assisted in charting out a disaster recovery strategy and roadmap for Mondelez.

 The Benefits

  1. High Availability: The Company achieved a highly available system that could meet and cater to more than 200 concurrent users.
  2. Scalability: They achieved the ability to scale the application as and when required by leveraging auto scaling and load balancing features of AWS.
  3. Improved Performance: The bottlenecks at the server level were removed and response time increased.

Tech Stack

  • EC2
  • VPC
  • S3
  • EBS
  • Route 53

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