Executive Summary

Visionary businesses face disruptive transformational issues today, like Singapore’s Mediacorp, which started radio broadcasting operations in 1936 and TV broadcasting operations in 1963. Today, its portfolio includes 7 TV channels, 11 radio channels, News and Entertainment web portals and mobile apps, and Toggle OTT platform. But how can they have stay relevant in the Digital Economy?

Staying relevant needs a holistic vision and plan to (1) implement proven and leading-edge technologies (2) improve customer experience and expand audience reach through agile product development while providing secure, highly resilient and efficient services, and (3) have sustainable business continuity and quality assurance processes internally.

Mediacorp is a visionary in its own league but technology advancements outpace many organizations’ ability to catch up.

Blazeclan provided their expertise and experience to Mediacorp and helped shaped their DevOps journey which reduced deployment time of new applications from 3-7 days to 2 hours on average.

Business Goals

  • Ensure security, stability and consistency of the entire digital platform
  • Reduce time to market of new applications and digital properties

Cloud Objectives

  • Automate deployments of applications on CMS
  • Reduce human errors and manual steps while deploying applications
  • Optimize DevOps to reduce TAT (Technical Acceptance Test)
  • Have a secure and sustainable BCP environment


  • Dependencies on manual IT admin to carry out deployments of CMS applications.
  • Heightened risk caused by an inefficient process in BCP environment

Strategy Recommended

  • Create a streamlined workflow to provision infrastructure to cloud (AWS and Azure)
  • Automate repetitive manual tasks to reduce the time and human errors

Blazeclan’s Solution

When changing the IT policies of large enterprises, it warrants more than just a set of technology tactics. Blazeclan’s collective experience of dealing with a global clientele of enterprises has given them not just tech acumen and tools, but an immutable set of wise principles that help us seamlessly deploy new IT policies without disrupting existing ‘mission critical’ services.

Tech Stack

  • Mediacorp’s CMS, Terraform, Ansible
  • Cloud Stack: Hybrid on-premise, AWS and Azure


  • Reduction in application deployment time from 3 days to 2 hours.
  • Implementation of sustainable BCP environment, which mitigates disruption risks
  • More time for CXOs to focus on core business than on technological redundancies
  • Reduced repetitive tasks for Digital team means more quality time to focus on core technology improvements

“We started with designing their BCP environment by building Terraform modules which enables policy and governance to confidently provision at scale when Mediacorp sets up their BCP environment. We outgrew the manual dependencies on IT admins to intervene, and built application Ansible playbooks to reduce time to add new Mediacorp applications and digital properties”, says Varoon Rajani, CEO of Blazeclan Technologies.

Added Rajani, “For automating their weekly deployments, a pipeline with Jenkins and Ansible was created that allowed scheduled deployments without any user manual activities on the server; thus eliminate human errors during deployments.”

“Using standardized tools and processes and with the help of partners such as Blazeclan, we reduced the application deployment time from 3 days to just 2 hours!” says Steve Ng, Lead, Digital Platform Operations at Mediacorp, who is tasked to bring about change within Mediacorp. The message for my team is “Whatever process is standard and repeatable, automate it!”. Blazeclan brought in their global experience on cloud and DevOps and helped us quickly build this practice to achieve our goals.

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