BlazeClan helped Hurix with Migration & SaaSification of one of their products, KITABOO, from incumbent infrastructure to Amazon Web Services.  This allowed the Customer to position & sell this product to a wider audience.  As part of this implementation, BlazeClan deployed a highly scalable NAS Solution to cater to Customer’s Shared Storage needs.

Business Description

The Customer is a Leading Digital Content Solutions provider to Global Corporates, Educational Publishers and Institutions. Its offerings, Product & Service Solutions, allow their clients to serve students of all ages and backgrounds by Providing Effective, Compelling and Engaging Digital Content across Traditional & new Mobile Platforms, Formats & Devices.

One of their product KITABOO is an end-to-end eBook Solution, providing a great way to Digitize Books, make them Interactive and Distribute & Deliver Efficiently to the readers. It enables Creation of Interactive content from books by enriching it with contextual rich Media including Audio, Video, Documents, HTML activities, images and on-page Assessments.

Business Requirements & Key Challenges

KITABOO, an end-to-end eBook solution was available only to Large Publishers across the world owing to the Traditional Licensing model. However, Hurix wanted to tap on to a large base of Small &  Mid-sized Publishers and Educational Institutes but was constrained by this licensing model and hence wanted to make KITABOO available as a SaaS (Software As A Service). Hence the Customer wanted to migrate this platform from the Incumbent Infrastructure to AWS Cloud.

Cloud Migration – Customer wanted to be able to combine its Platforms, Integrate Services, and Deliver Solutions to Customers Faster, but faced Limitations with its Legacy Systems. Owing to these limitations Hurix wanted to Migrate KITABOO from incumbent infrastructure to AWS Cloud.

Consulting In the process also wanted to re-architect the application to make it into a SaaS (Software as a Service), enabling Hurix to make this easily available as a SaaS to their customers.

AWS Skilled Team –  Owing to requirements for Faster Time to Market for their new SaaS offering, Customer wanted to engage with a team of skilled people with extensive experience of working on Cloud Migration and SaaSification with AWS Cloud.

Scalability Requirements Customer wanted this system to be able to support 400k users with 10% concurrency, this required resource intensive multi-step batch processing.

BlazeClan’s Solution

BlazeClan’s team of certified AWS Solution Architects and Migration experts helped in Migration from Incumbent Infrastructure to AWS and SaaSification of the existing platform enabling the customer to reach to a wider Customer base.

Faster time to Market to Migrate from incumbent to AWS Cloud Infrastructure & Support to re-architect to leverage  Cloud benefits.

  1. Re-Architect – Suggested Application Level changes to ensure that the application works seamlessly with AWS Cloud Components.
  2. Loose Coupling – Achieved High Scalability and Fault Tolerance by re-architecting the application to leverage Loose Coupling by using EC2 instances with Auto Scale & ELB, Multi-AZ RDS deployment and Amazon S3.
  3. Session Management using Redis (an in-memory cache, provided by Amazon Elasticache) for achieving scalability across nodes.
  4. Auto Scale – Setup different Auto Scale Groups for different application Components for Content Upload, Content & Media Processing and Content Distribution to the end users. Developed Scripts to ensure invocation of underlying servers and other dependencies for these application components on Auto Scaled Instances
  5. Scalable NAS -Designed & Deployed a highly Scalable NAS using highly redundant Amazon EBS volumes for catering to their shared storage needs for a central pool of educational content.
  6. Load & Performance Testing – Carried out automated stress and performance testing for a scale of 400k users. Suggested   Prepared and shared Detailed Testing Statistics with appropriate projections of AWS usage based on their expected future growth. This approach ensured that the platform was tested thoroughly for the following aspects,
    • Expected level of peak traffic on Website
    • Simulated user interactions to mimic activities by users such as Login, Exploring the Product etc.
    • Testing to cover all API’s

Application Level Changes to help build an Application that performs at Scale.

  1. Application Level Changes – Helped the Customer in identifying Application & Database related changes to remove Performance bottlenecks and achieve a highly scalable Application, Database & Infrastructure design.
  2. Iterative Application Testing – In an iterative process, BlazeClan worked closely with Hurix’s application team to carry out multiple Performance and Load Testing cycles to ensure that incremental changes are tested thoroughly before making the application live.

Managed Services on AWS

  1. Managed Services – Setting up & Executing processes to ensure smooth feature releases of KITABOO on the new AWS environment


  1. Increase Sales Numbers by reaching & serving Small & Mid-Sized Publishers and Educational Institutes.
  2. Timely & Immediate on-boarding of large customers and serving over 100k users each.
  3. New SaaS-based KITABOO helped the Customer to serve a wider user base.
  4. The new system running on AWS gave Hurix, the flexibility for Innovation, room for Growth, and helped achieve high Scalability.
  5. Enabled the Customer to seamlessly release feature updates and remove duplication of efforts which were otherwise required with the incumbent infrastructure

Technology Stack

  1. Amazon Web Services,
    • Simple Storage Service (S3)
    • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
    • Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)
    • Amazon CloudWatch
    • AutoScale
    • ElasticCache – Redis, Memcache
    • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
    • Elastic Block Storage (EBS)
    • Relational Database Service (RDS)
  2. JMeter  (for testing)
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