Business Description & Requirements

One of India’s largest General & Life Insurance Company headquartered in Pune wanted to Roll Out a Talent Management System to manage Appraisals & Employee Ratings.

  • Proposed Application meant to be used only for a few months during the annual appraisal cycles by over 4000+ employees spread across 200+ locations in India
  • Roll out the first version of this application in 15 days with 2 more releases with updates in next 15 days
  • Reporting tools for each employee and the ability to download the reports
  • Centralize the entire appraisal process enabling holistic view at each level of management

Key Challenges

  • Business Logic for the system was highly complex and specific to their business workflow, hence had to be adapted to as-is
  • Frequent Requirement Changes and addition to the requirements had to be adapted to
  • Testing for a large number of  scenarios that was directly proportional to the number of users roles in the system

Business Solution

  • Developed this Solution using Blended Agile Development Methodology
  • Intuitive UI were designed and deployed for the ease of use
  • Deployed on AWS owing to the highly seasonal nature of the user to optimize the cost of infrastructure usage
  • Used pre-configured testing tools to perform vulnerability testing for application security keeping in mind the industry regulations for Data Sensitivity

Business Benefits

This application helped the Customer seamlessly manage the entire appraisal cycle,

  • Deployment on AWS ensured infrastructure cost was incurred only during the Appraisal Period.
  • Removal of Manual Appraisal Process ensured increased efficiency and timely completion
  • Centralizing the entire process and making the activity seamless for reporting and decision making at each level of Management

Technology Stack

  • LAMP Stack
  • Yii Framework
  • AWS Deployment- EC2, RDS