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One of their Multi-Tier Apps deployed on AWS started showing Peaks and Eventual Shut Downs leading to Outages and Unnecessarily High Billing on AWS.

Identifying the reason for this unacceptable system behaviour & resolving the problem was one of the crucial challenges faced by the Customer.

Solution Highlights

BlazeClan’s Pre-Built Vulnerability Assessment Solution was used to identify Security Loop Holes and help the Customer,

1. Identify the Root Cause of this Problem.
2. Identify Security Loop Holes in the Architecture and Suggest changes.
3. Virus / Trojan / Worm Scan – Scanning the Linux based System.
4. Reviewing Server Level Configurations.
5. Reviewing Security Policies & Configurations.
6. Sanitize and use Security Best Practices to Apply Security Patches & Policies.
7. Make the existing AWS Deployment Secure.