Customer Profile

Founded in 1991, the company provides world-class Water Purification Systems. It is active in Water Desalination and Wastewater Recycle catering to over 500 clients with Difficult to Treat Wastewater using Innovative and technologically advanced Membranes Systems. The Company has completed 23 years in an industry where the skill of application development and deployment are key success factors.

 The Challenge    

The company hosted their SAP application in an on-premise environment. Given the changes in the company’s business environment, however, the teams found it increasingly difficult to gain cost efficiencies while keeping a flexible, powerful system due to the hardware constraints of the private cloud environment.

Within this context, the company decided to look into using a public cloud as a way to take advantage of the inherent value of the cloud while optimising upfront and operating costs.

The Solution      

BlazeClan conducted an extensive infrastructure evaluation spanning over a period of two months to identify and understand the challenges and made necessary changes that included:

  • Memory Intensive Instances: SAP applications required memory-intensive instances for smooth working hence it was recommended to use memory-intensive instances at the time of deployment.
  • Security groups were put in place to ensure robust cloud infrastructure.

For the migration of the SAP application, the following strategies were implemented:

  • Migration Strategy: It was recommended to use R3 2X, R3 4X and R3 large type of instances while setting up the infrastructure.
  • Cloud Formation was used to automate the deployment of their infrastructure on AWS over a period of one week.

The team of certified SAs migrated the application in two phases:

  1. Discovery of the existing architecture, assessing cloud readiness and designing of the AWS environment. This also included assistance in preparing the order management system cloud ready.
  2. Implementation of the AWS environment, setting up IAM user management and authorization authentication as per the underlying best practices. This also included migrating the order management system to AWS and setting up Cloud Front to provide a better browsing experience. Implementation of the auto-scaling groups with ELB to make the existing order management system highly scalable and elastic in nature.

They needed a solution that could accommodate large amounts of data, scale according to infrastructure needs, and stay within its budget. BlazeClan consulted, architected, and deployed end to end infrastructure including compute, storage and networking for all the three environment including Dev., QA &Production and migrated the SAP application.

The Benefits      

  • Cost Savings: BlazeClan helped the company in saving up to 30% costs by successfully migrating their SAP application on AWS from on-prem. They now have the ability to spin up the Dev. /QA instances during the course of the day and turn them off during night time and weekends, which wasn’t an option in their previous world.
  • Reduced Operational costs: By subscribing to BlazeClan’s shared managed services that utilise automation tools, the company was able to reduce its operational costs by 50%.

Tech Stack

BlazeClan availed a number of AWS services to execute this project successfully.

  • Amazon EC2 was used for compute capacity management for their application deployment. It helped in reducing the time required to spin up new server instances to minutes, allowing them to quickly scale capacity, both up and down, as per their requirement.
  • Amazon S3 was used to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere and everywhere.
  • Amazon VPC helped in setting up the private network with AWS as it provided isolation and security.
  • Amazon CloudWatch being a monitoring service for AWS cloud resources and the applications, provided an overview of the runtime of the application.
  • AWS NAT Gateway was used to allow instances in a private subnet to connect to the Internet or to other AWS services.