A UK based Property Solutions Company engaged in the business of Commercial and Non Commercial Property Inventory Inspection and Subsequent report generation wanted to Automate this Process.

Business Requirements

Customer has a large mobile user base and wanted a mobile application to automate the Property Inspection Process and Report Generation for Productivity Improvement. Customer also wanted to create this as a SaaS platform for self with a seamless Vendor Management module to allow use of this application by other similar companies.

  • Customer wanted to record each aspect of a property including its Physical Structure (number and type of rooms, layout, utilities), Appearance, Fixture and Fittings (Doors, Windows, Garden Fittings like fences)
  • Record & Track history of properties used by a tenant, and history of tenants for each property
  • Generate detailed property Inspection Report
  • Payment Gateway Integration for Authorized Property Agents
  • Mobile Platform to enable users to Record Information on the Go

Key Challenges

  1. Incumbent Manual process was very Time Consuming and Repetitive, hence error prone
  2. Highly fragmented handset device market
  3. Mobile Management policy
  4. Large number of user roles to be supported hence required thorough functional testing for large number of test cases

BlazeClan’s Solution

  1. Developed and Deployed Scalable & Fault Tolerant Solution for Cloud
  2. Modular Development with appropriate Access control mechanism enabling different user roles
  3. Application developed with various access levels for different roles with all the functionalities available only on Web
  4. Mobile Application was designed to be light and handle scenarios related to inspection and report generation only
  5. Mobile application enabled the users to perform end-to-end workflow activities for report generation. i.e. Recording Property details, its specifics, including images of the fixtures
  6. Enhanced user experience by geo-location aware mobile application
  7. Pre-Configured testing tools to perform Vulnerability testing


BlazeClan’s Solution helped the Customer with a intuitive web & mobile application,

  • Helped completely remove repetitive and manual processes for Property Inspection & Report Generation
  • Enabled end users with mobile enabled platform and reduced repetitive data recording points, and hence reduced the data entry errors
  • Blended Agile Development process to iterate faster as per Customer Feedback

Technology Stack

  1. LAMP Stack
  2. Yii Framework
  3. AWS Deployment- EC2, RDS, ELB, S3
  4. PayPal Integration
  5. PhoneGap for Mobile Development