Customer Profile

Upside Learning is a leading provider of learning solutions and services to organisations worldwide. Our focus has consistently been to help companies improve performance through better learning.

They are experts in the design and development of custom eLearning, mobile learning, multi-device responsive learning, and instructor-led training, microlearning, videos and animations, and game-like interactivities, story- and scenario-based learning, exploratory learning, and more. They provide end-to-end design and development services, from consultancy and suctioning all the way to a dedicated testing lab and post-rollout support.

The Challenge

On a mission to make the management of the eLearning, classroom training, virtual classrooms, videos, pre- and post-program activities – easy and effective, Upside Learning was evaluating cloud to leverage the benefits of flexibility, reliability and elasticity and deploy the learning management system on the same.

The Solution

BlazeClan’s team of certified AWS Solution Architects conducted an exploratory analysis to study the current architecture of Upside Learning application

This included an understanding of the –

  • The underlying infrastructure required to support the application on AWS
  • Deployment of the application on AWS.

Once the existing architecture was explored, BlazeClan’s team formulated a detailed deployment approach that included identifying the AWS service configurations, suggesting changes required in the application, and managing AWS deployments with Upside Learning team. Once the infrastructure was set up, BlazeClan team worked closely with the upside learning team for deploying Upside LMS on AWS.

The Benefits

  1. Cost Effectiveness: With an on-demand model, Upside Learning was able to leverage the benefits of cost-effectiveness.
  2. Increase in Customer Base: Upside LMS application was able to scale and support concurrent users on-demand with high performance, giving them the desired customer experience.
  3. Competitive advantages: Adopting AWS has let them keep their focus on the business and providing them with both strategic and tactical advantages.

Tech Stack

  • EC2
  • S3
  • Auto-scaling
  • EBS