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Looking Through A Well-Architected Lens

Assess. Build. Perform.

The Call For A Well-Architected Review

Get A Detailed Analysis Of Your IT Ecosystem Using A Structured Framework

Five Pillars of The Framework

Operational Excellence

Enable continuous process improvement and deliver business value through successful operations management.


Maintain your data integrity, manage privileges, and establish controls to identify security events.


Enhance your ability to quickly recover from and prevent disasters to meet evolving business needs.

Performance Efficiency

Efficiently leverage your IT and computing resources and make informed decisions as your business requirements evolve.

Cost Optimization

Avoid and mitigate non-essential costs, analyze your spending over time, and scale accordingly to meet business demands effectively.

Why Must You Be Well-Architected?

Why Choose Us?

Blazeclan is an expert in Reviewing a Well-Architected Infrastructure. We help our customers evaluate their workloads based on a Well-Architected Framework.

Get Started With Our Well-Architected Framework

*Review Time - Approx 3 hours, Essential Attendees - Application/Product Owner, Cloud Account Owner