Transitioning to the future of work with Workplace

Because anything is possible when people work together!

BlazeClan, an authorized service partner can help you improve every aspect of your Workplace journey. We offer a full suite of services for IT, training, change management and internal communications.

What is Workplace by Facebook?

A work tool that can change everything.

Workplace by Facebook is a space for teams to share ideas, brainstorm and achieve more together. More than just a collaboration tool, Workplace connects organizations of every size to familiar features like chat and groups, as well as integrates with the business tools used by employees every day to get work done.

Why Workplace by Facebook?

Workplace by Facebook makes work happen – better, faster and smarter…





The BlazeClan Advantage

As a trusted service partner of your Workplace journey, BlazeClan can help you build, strengthen and manage the most important 5 pillars of a successful launch.

Launch and Kick-off Planning

We help you build a strong foundation for your future success – be it planning pilot programs, preparing time-driven success metrics or hosting inspiration sessions to get the best out of leaders. Our scalable launch initiatives are focused on empowering users by prioritizing use cases that matter to them – in the real world and helping them align a successful launch plan.

Implementation and Integration

Harnessing the integration power of Workplace by Facebook, we help you minimize your employee management process and workflows by enabling easy-to-use standards, custom integrations and readying critical configuration setups for an “Everything Connected” platform.

Communication Plan – Culture, Grouping and Training

We recognize the power of drawing value-led communication plans that minimizes guesswork and maximizes functional cogency. We help you devise effective communication plans with off-the-shelf ready internal branding assets, awareness ideas, ready to display booths and accessories for launch day. In addition, BlazeClan conducts regular training workshops for community managers, HR and internal teams.

Post-Launch Engagement

We believe that a successful program launch is only the beginning of customer delight. To this end, we’re committed to championing meaningful engagement and surpassing expectation at every touch point, fraught with intelligent data. In addition, we enable your employees to drive a sticky engagement approach with continuous innovation and 100 % adoption on the platform.

Our Extended Support

  • 90 days dedicated support
  • Yearly shared support model
  • Dedicated Community Manager for management of your platform
  • Refinement and restructuring of initial community designs
  • Paid – End User Orientation Module for 90 days
  • Weekly/monthly – Community Analytics and Reporting
  • 1 advanced Session (Monthly) on custom integration and BOT development

Let us help you make your workplace better today!