Amazon Aurora is the latest addition to the list of databases available on Amazon RDS, Andy Jassy made this announcement today during keynote at AWS re:Invent 2014. Amazon Aurora becomes the fifth database available after MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL. Apparently Aurora is the first ever Database service which will never be available on on-premise infrastructure – Amazon Aurora is truly a database for the Cloud.

Compatibility: Amazon Aurora is a MySQL-Compatible (version 5.6 of MySQL) database engine will most likely support existing MySQL application without changes. Customer will easily be able to migrate from Amazon RDS for MySQL to Amazon RDS for Aurora.

Availability: Amazon Aurora is launched in the US East (Northern Virginia) region and is currently available in preview mode from the AWS Management Console.

Performance & Scalability: Amazon Aurora is designed to improve the price-performance ratio, the overall scalability and reliability of existing open source and commercial database engines. By integrating the database engine with SSD based virtualized storage layer, Amazon Aurora delivers significant performance improvement over MySQL. Amazon Aurora offers five times better performance than MySQL running the same benchmark and delivers over 500,000 SELECTs/sec and 100,000 updates/sec.

Unlike RDS for MySQL, you won’t be required to take your application offline to increase storage, Amazon Aurora will add storage in 10 GB increments on a need basis upto 64TB of storage.

Pricing : As with all AWS services, Amazon Aurora is a pay as you go service, and you pay around $210 for 2vCPU and 15.25 GiB which is around 40% cost effective than similar configurations for Amazon RDS for MySQL

Here is what Twitterati has to say about the newly launched Database Service,