A fully-managed service, Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka, facilitates organizations in building and running applications to process the streaming data. Amazon MSK helps organizations boost their productivity and uptime through continuous alerting and monitoring of their infrastructure operations. As organizations grow aware of the need to shift from monitoring metrics to business outcomes and performance, connecting the data source and extracting data in real-time to add value is becoming imperative.

Digital transformation is witnessing a significant rise, enabling organizations with on-demand infrastructure and high availability. This has further brought new challenges and complexities in infrastructure operations. Amazon MSK can help organizations in getting real-time statistics of their infrastructure and make faster, more informed decisions.

Key Challenges Associated with the On-Prem Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka offers organizations optimized, distributed data storage for effective processing and ingestion of streaming data. It enables implementing data pipelines with real-time streaming and smooth processing of events. However, there are some key challenges faced by organizations when it comes to Apache Kafka deployed on-premises

  • Organizations face significant difficulties in setting up Apache Kafka on the on-premise cluster along with scalability issues.
  • Achieving disaster recovery and high availability is challenging in the case of on-premise infrastructure.
  • On-premises deployment of Apache Kafka results in the need for greater administration efforts.
  • Specialized skills are required for managing the Apache Kafka clusters on-premises

Suggested Strategy for Migrating Apache Kafka to Amazon MSK

Amazon MSK is a dependable implementation option for Apache Kafka, particularly when it comes to a long-term approach. It helps organizations in achieving fast scalability and flexibility coupled with improved utilization of cluster resources. This further facilitates organizations in realizing cost optimization. As Amazon MSK is a fully-managed service it eliminates the efforts for infrastructure management and maintenance.

The following diagram shows the most effective Apache Kafka to Amazon MSK migration strategy.